Let’s go to Macau & Hong Kong!!!

A vacation to Macau apparently can be done in one day, from traveling around the city of Macau to playing at the casino. fellow travelers can depart from Shenzhen, Hong Kong. If fellow travelers want to travel to Macau for just a day, and will return to Shenzhen, Hong Kong, this is very possible.

One of the fun areas of Macau to explore is a visit to the Ruins of St.Paul’s. up to the Macau Tower. Travelers can give various souvenirs to bring back to their hometown.

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From Macau when returning to Hong Kong, fellow travelers can continue their vacation by visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, which is located near the Po Lin and Tian Tan monasteries, still on Lantau Island. Travelers can have fun with Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and so on. and don’t forget to watch the various attractions that are there and it’s guaranteed to be fun.

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