Reputation Management

All companies, big and small alike, must be concerned about their reputation. Websites, such as Yelp, Rip Off Report, and others allow anyone to write a review. The sad news is that one bad apple can cause you all kinds of problems especially when these websites are ranked higher in search engines that your own. This means when a person searches for your company name they will often find the bad reviews before they ever find your website.

The only way to truly rid yourself of bad reviews online is to suppress it with positive content. Instead of spending money on a company that tells you they can get rid of the bad reviews, you must first realize that the bad reviews are not normally taken down by the above-mentioned websites. The only true way is to suppress the bad content about your website.

I have years of experience helping small and large companies suppress bad content while bringing more traffic to your website at the same time. The tools I use will actually increase your ranking in Google without the use of methods that are only seen in the short-term but will last for years to come. The one thing you must remember is that search engines love fresh content and that is how we will begin combatting the bad content.