About Me


My name is Anita and I reside in Arkansas, USA. I look at each project as a new adventure. I pride myself on a job well done. I give my clients project 100% of my attention and treat each one as special as the first. I enjoy writing and researching, therefore; I do not look upon your project as work but as an extension of my creativity.

Freelance Experience

I have been a member of various freelance websites for 5 years and have written hundreds of articles for clients all over the world as well as written all the content for websites. This also includes ghostwriting ebooks and other content.

Internet Experience

I have been actively involved in several phases of website design, website graphics, website building, and website hosting. Writing and managing blogs for several clients to ensure the content is search engine friendly as well as engaging.

Animal Rescue

I am actively involved in fighting for those that can speak and work via Facebook to network animals in need. I work with the Oklahoma Cat Foundation to try and improve the knowledge of the abuse and neglect that animals see on a daily basis. Along with this, I believe in TRN which is trap, neuter, and release for feral cats. I at this time am the proud owner of three rescued animals: Caesar, a Russian Blue cat; Cleopatra, a Great Pyrenees dog; and Ramses, a short haired American gray tabby.